The initial objective of a Business Analysis is to develop a Technical Strategy which will satisfy the strategic goals of your organisation. Business Analysis will incorporate your companies short and long term business objectives to ensure that you are able to leverage the power technology now and in the future.

Mararlee’s Business Analysis will provide answers to your business questions:

  • How does texchnology fit in with your companies strategic plan?
  • Where are the cost savings from an implementation?
  • What employee education and training is required?

Our Approach

An Mararlee Business Analysis is an in-depth study of your companies business processes and system infrastructure.

Business Analysis

  1. Interview Management.
  2. Collect & Collate Data.
  3. Analyse Processes.
  4. Identify Opportunities.
  5. Document Strategy.


Mararlee’s Business Analysis will provide you with an assessment of what and how technology will enable your organisation to succeed and thrive in the future. The Analysis will determine the return on your investment using a comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis. This will help your management team make an informed decision about the feasibility of adopting a driven business strategy.

The Business Analysis will help you find out:

  • How much time and money is required
  • What is the expected Return on Investment
  • How you can maximise your investment.


Mararlee can help your company capitalise on the power of technology by ensuring that the technology supports your business plan. Mararlee recognises that every business is unique and that is why each solution is customised specifically to meet your business objectives.

Mararlee’s Solution Development will provide answers to your questions:

  • How can you trade electronically with your business partners?
  • Which solutions are cost effective, user friendly and easy to operate?
  • What will the overall solution look like?

Our Approach

1. Requirements Analysis

  • Establish system strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify management decision support and information requirements
  • Document business processes and information flows

2. Application Design

  • Identify hardware and software requirements
  • Develop information management processes
  • Define mechanics of improved business processes

3. Product Selection

  • Prepare a detailed product evaluation criteria
  • Evaluate technologies against requirements
  • Select appropriate technologies


Mararlee’s Consultants will ensure that you are integrating technology into your business for the right reasons.

  • Establish your specific business requirements.
  • Align information technology advancements with your company direction.
  • Independent evaluation of products and services.


Mararlee will formulate an Implementation Plan which includes project tasks to be performed, resources required and overall project timing. This will ensure that all requirements are clearly defined prior to the implementation and any obstacles are identified.

Implementation Planning will provide answers to your implementation questions:

  • What is the time required to complete each task?
  • What resources are required?
  • What tasks need to be performed for a successful implementation?

Our Approach

Mararlee will work with your people to transform the Technical Solution into a comprehensive Implementation Plan. The team will set project goals, derive performance measures and prepare detailed resource requirements for successfully integrating technology into your business strategy.

  • Groundwork – Discuss short and long term goals.
  • Teamwork – Define roles and responsibilities.
  • Planning – Identify key steps and activities.
  • Expansion – Prioritise trading partners.
  • Implementation – Plan tasks, roles and time frames.
  • Management – Establish management and communication requirements


Mararlee’s Implementation Planning will help you understand what’s involved in executing a Technical Strategy.

  • Fast integration of technology best practices
  • High level of staff productivity and cross functional teamwork
  • Management visibility of resource requirements and project outcomes

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